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HBS Healthcare is a specialist in medicine management solutions, delivering high quality patient services through innovation and the use of technology. Products and services are cutting edge, unrivalled in the UK and in some cases are the first of their kind in the world. Our mission is to enhance patient safety, personalise care and improve quality of life. The HBS Care Home service is centred on a specialist service to residential and nursing homes which is the most comprehensive of any pharmacy in the UK and provides many benefits.

The Central Care Home Dispensing Centres in Preston and London ensure that you are getting services from a team dedicated to you and your needs, without the distractions of walk-in customers and counter sales usually found in a community pharmacy based setting.

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Nicola PerrinsCare home Services
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Our pharmaceutical products

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products

HBS Healthcare are one of the main, emerging manufacturers and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products in the UK.

We have a growing portfolio of generic and branded pharmaceutical products, and develop our products as a result of detailed research, working alongside a team of highly experienced medical professionals and doctors.

What exactly are Generics?

Once a branded product comes out of patency, usually after about fifteen years, other companies are eligible to manufacture a  bioequivalent drug. Generic medicines provide the same quality, safety and effectiveness as the original brand name products as they must undergo strict quality audits before a licence is granted.    

At HBS Healthcare we are aiming to licence an increasing number of our own generic medicines for the UK and overseas, which will result in increased margins for our wholesale and pharmacy customers.

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Nicola PerrinsOur pharmaceutical products
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HBS Pharmacy

HBS Pharmacy

Established in 2009, HBS Pharmacy now operates a number of independent pharmacies across the North West region, always based in communities where there is clear evidence of need. They are an integral part of health centre development schemes and whilst our principal target is to become a prominent pharmacy chain in the region, we are currently working with health centre based pharmacies up and down the country. This also has the advantage that it enables us to build strong links with GPs which leads to enhanced communication and improved service delivery.

Vision & Strategy

Operating in close proximity with GPs and other health professional enables us to build strong links and establish communication channels which we hope will improve the service delivery for our patients – both in terms of healthcare support and medication.

There is also an added benefit of greater convenience and assuredness for patients with the close relationship between the pharmacy and surgery staff.
Our commitment to customer service is – and will remain – central to our strategy.

We aim to differentiate ourselves on the basis of quality and customer service.

We offer a wide range of services as standard – from a healthcare advice, prescription collections, deliveries and medicine reviews.  We constantly re-appraise our portfolio to ensure that it remains relevant and valuable to the local community.value and quality of care.
Our reputation is precious so our pharmacies must reflect our determination to treat clients with the utmost respect and dignity at all times, and to deliver exceptional value and quality of care.


Nicola PerrinsHBS Pharmacy
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