About us

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers of generic medicines.

HBS Healthcare has grown from the well-established and successful HBS Pharmacy group. We have ambitious growth plans and are one of the main, emerging pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers in the UK, committed to providing a diverse portfolio of various generic and branded products.

Our growing portfolio of generic and branded products, together with our outstanding customer service, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, mean we offer a real alternative in the provision of healthcare.

In addition, we embrace a culture of constant improvement, always looking for new products to develop and ways to further streamline our processes.

Once a branded product comes out of patency, usually after about fifteen years, other companies are eligible to manufacture a bioequivalent drug. Generic medicines provide the same quality, safety and effectiveness as the original brand name products as they must undergo strict quality audits before a licence is granted.

As more companies begin to manufacture the drug, the increased competition means the price comes down for the end-consumer. At HBS Healthcare we are aiming to licence an increasing number of our own generic medicines for the UK and overseas, which will result in increased margins for our wholesale and pharmacy customers.

Our Face Masks are produced at our clean room facility in Preston, UK.

We have been providing PPE equipment, including Type IIR face masks, hand sanitiser, and coveralls to the NHS during the Covid 19 epidemic, and donated large shipments of masks to cover early shortages.

Our modern facility in Preston, UK, has been set up in response to demand for a dependable UK supply of PPE, registered by MHRA.

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Why us?

We develop our products as a result of detailed research, working alongside a team of highly experienced medical professionals and doctors. We also form strategic partnerships within the health sector and carefully select which overseas markets to move into next. An effective supply chain is also at the heart of our smooth operational practices.

Our growth is evidence of our successful approach. From a solid base with our pharmacies, we have launched the healthcare side of the business, with its wholesaling and exports division. We have also developed our own generic manufacturing arm, always driven by a desire to provide more pharmaceutical products of a high quality but lower cost to a wider market. Our exclusive team of product research and development is targeting products whose patents will expire next year.

Our approach right from the start in developing the business has been to establish effective partnerships with carefully selected and respected organisations. Everything we do has excellent patient care at the heart of it, together with providing products that deliver exceptional value.

Our growth has been based on a solid foundation of  providing products which are both of high quality and cost-effective.

Whatever market changes, regulatory updates or medical advances lie ahead, HBS Healthcare plans to be at the forefront of the industry, making new breakthroughs. We are aiming to have set up our own regulatory affairs department with QPs for total control of the manufacturing and marketing of generics by June 2016.   

The pharmacy side of the business has succeeded in becoming the single largest independent pharmacy group in the UK. It is our vision for HBS Healthcare to be in the top twenty generic manufacturers in the UK by 2016. However, the quality of our products and the standard of our customer service will always remain our benchmark.

Our expertise

Established in 2009, HBS Pharmacy now operates a number of independent pharmacies across the North West region. HBS Healthcare grew from this well-established brand, with its sound reputation for excellence in patient care.

This underpins our whole working philosophy in the healthcare arm of the business. We also have an experienced team of medical professionals and doctors working with us, who provide invaluable clinical support.

At the foundation of everything we do is detailed research and rigorous testing.

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