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HPS Pharmacy Care home services

Care home Services

HBS CARE HOME DIVISION HBS Healthcare is a specialist in medicine management solutions, delivering high quality patient services through innovation and the use of technology. Products and services are cutting edge, unrivalled in the UK and in some cases are the first of their kind in the world. Our mission is to enhance patient safety, personalise care and improve

HBS Healthcare pharmaceutical products and vitamin supplements

Our pharmaceutical products

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products HBS Healthcare are one of the main, emerging manufacturers and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products in the UK. We have a growing portfolio of generic and branded pharmaceutical products, and develop our products as a result of detailed research, working alongside a team of highly experienced medical professionals and doctors. What exactly are Generics? Once a

HBS Pharmacy Preston

HBS Pharmacy

HBS Pharmacy Established in 2009, HBS Pharmacy now operates a number of independent pharmacies across the North West region, always based in communities where there is clear evidence of need. They are an integral part of health centre development schemes and whilst our principal target is to become a prominent pharmacy chain in the region,

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